Electric vehicle PR & communication consulting


The automotive industry is going through its largest ever change, with climate change and air quality issues forcing legislators to impose ever-tightening regulation on the industry. The immediate answer is vehicle electrification. 

Today, there is also a gulf of misunderstanding of the consumer benefits of electric vehicles and electrification. Car companies are spending future-defining Research and Development budgets on creating electric vehicles that the majority of customers are not buying.  

A different commercial and communication imperative needs embracing; a new, more engaging narrative around electric cars. Brands need to tell the electrification story to deliver an emotional pull towards electric vehicles, rather than today’s very pragmatic, rational push, which sales results tell us isn't working. 

The offer from ForresterPR is very straight forwards. Help and support car companies and PR professionals whose brands are on the journey towards an electrified future, to cut through the congested media landscape. Car brands are shouting loudly about their electrified aspirations, yet it’s falling in deaf ears. ForresterPR's experience can help connect a brand’s electrified products and messaging in an emotional and engaging way so that consumers feel educated in the benefits of electromobility, thus helping them down the purchase funnel.