From a blank sheet of paper, Duncan Forrester was the communications architect for the company’s disruptive and non-traditional launch and communication strategy for the start up electric performance brand and its first two products. 

From pre-launch, through a two-year, worldwide programme of automotive, corporate, consumer, luxury, lifestyle and technology media communications and event activity, Duncan Forrester developed the awareness of the new Polestar brand ahead of the start of production.

He developed the global PR, Communications and Events team from one FTE to a centrally coordinated team of 15 FTEs covering three regions, with extensive day-to-day working experience in EU (Sweden), USA and multiple locations in China (Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu, Guangzhou).

Editorially, Polestar reached over 2.5 billion people worldwide with Polestar messaging in 2018, growing to 3.7 billion in Q1-2019, delivering over 75% message penetration and only 0.2% negativity.

Within the PR function, Forrester was also responsible for Polestar’s technical and sporting Motorsport program delivery, culminating in winning the 2017 FIA World Touring Car driver and manufacturer Championship.