Strategic automotive start up communication support


Established automotive PR and Communications works in a very formulaic way. Brand and corporate positioning is established over decades and product communications is based on the new model launch cadence. 

But what happens in a start up car company when it has no products, no corporate positioning or agreed messaging, no press office, no journalist relationships, no strategy? Very few automotive PR and Communication professionals have experienced the fluidity and turmoil of this vitally important period in the development of a new car brand. The challenges and opportnities when creating an integrated PR and Communications strategy from a blank sheet of paper are unique, translating founders and CEO's holistic strategies into workable reality. ForresterPR is exclusively positioned to understand this challenging world. 

We've created a number of highly effective strategic communications plans for start-up automotive companies, designed to establish the new brand's credibility that the business introduction is built around. These multifaceted plans are founded on a vision of long-term brand building, message penetration and corporate success. These plans often include:

  • Understanding the business requirements and strategy, and turning those into a measurable, results-led communications plan, translating CEO visions into reality.
  • Creation of globally-coordinated Press Office functions, including media newsrooms, media databases, distribution systems, translation services, and monitoring and evaluation tools to prove return on investment.
  • Generation of a dynamic 'Editorial Calender' messaging plan, giving Executives a clear view of the communication objectives, subjects, and how understanding and awareness builds in target audiences over time.
  • Globally-influential tier one media relations and campaign management. Research-based editorial media targeting, understanding of how to reach beyond the ‘low-hanging fruits’ of the client-focused media set to the broader lifestyle, technology, corporate and business media.
  • Effective thought leadership communication. 
  • Communications counsel to the Board and Executive team, and ongoing support to the PR leadership.